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By | July 15, 2013

Do you want to buy Phen375 in the UK?

Updated for 2017

Why is phen375 not the same in the UK as it is in the USA? It’s still a great diet pill, but the ingredients are slightly Phen375different.

In the US they have the ingredient Coleus Forskolii Root, but the European version is slightly different. Make sure you buy them from the UK website – click the link that is on this page.

By following the link on this page you will be secure in the knowledge that it is guaranteed by the Norton Safe Shopping certificate.

   ==>Official Website for the UK<==

You have probably found this site because you want to know where you can buy phen375. UK residents have tried sourcing these diet pills for a long time.

The manufacturer says they never offer promotional codes so be suspicious if you see a website offering one, they do however offer a rebate on your next purchase, see their website for more details.

Some Brits find that after searching the high street or buying from a UK website, they end up purchasing an inferior UK flagproduct. Further down the page I will tell you how to get yourself 30 of these Diet Pills completely free.

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New Advertising Rules

There are strict new advertising rules in the UK, and phen375 can still  claim these benefits that are highlighted with bullet points below:

  • It increases energy levels 
  • It stimulates the metabolism
  • Phen375 actually burns fat
  • It reduces appetite 

These are pretty bold claims…

However, I don’t think the makers of these diet pills would be able to declare these benefits if there were not at least some truth in them.

 So I’ve talked about where to buy them from and what you are buying, now lets talk about the price…

I think the price is rather steep but if you’re going to try losing weight using diet supplements you should use ones which have a good reputation.

I’ve monitored the price and you won’t get them any cheaper than what they are right now. Remember, phen375 never gives out promotion codes – they don’t need to.

This week if you buy 120 tablets you will get 60 free, this includes the phentemine375 diet plan booklet.

If you buy 120 with 30 free it works out at just £1.75 per day (Less than the price of a coffee!)

Buy 120 + 30 Free £131.00         Note: I don’t know how long this offer will last.

Buy 60 + 30   £92.00

Buy 30    £46.00                         -> You can purchase them in £’s here 

                     (If this link doesn’t work, the offer has expired)

                    It’s very easy to order, taking about five minutes.

Phen375 is a pill with a uniquely blended formula, which up until recently, was exclusive to the States. Produced in an FDA approved lab in California, according to the makers in America, Phen375 works to reduce appetite, increase energy, boost metabolism and burn any unwanted fat.

When it was first introduced in February 2009, Phen375 was not available in the United Kingdom, since then it has seen a rapid growth in popularity in the US and the UK, after numerous success stories and use by some A-list celebrities.

Users of the product have reported some remarkable results with no side effects at all. It has been found that continued use can help burn up to 270 calories a day, this can equate to a loss of 3-5 pounds a week, or a whopping 20 pounds per month, all without starving or damaging your health.

==>Official Website for the UK<==

UK High Street

After reading all the positive reviews you may be tempted to call in at Boots the chemist to buy phen375. However, UK residents up and down the country from London to Glasgow won’t be able buy them anywhere on the UK high street. Fortunately RDK Global who manufacture and distribute these unique diet pills have made it easier for people in the UK to try them out. Phen375 can now be shipped to anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Royal mail will deliver them in just a few days.

If you click the link below it will take you to their website. In the top right hand corner you will get the option to see the prices in US Dollars or UK Pounds.          british pound

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When you put your order in, they will be sent directly from their FDA approved laboratories. But don’t be put off by this, thinking it will take a long time to receive them, apparently they ship quite a lot to the UK and they have got this down to a fine art. It will only take between 5 and 7 days for them to reach you.

Follow the official website link and you should get 1 bottle free when you buy three bottles.

==>Official Website for the UK<==

So what does Phen375 UK contain?

After contacting the suppliers of Phen375 to find out exactly what the pill contains, we were given the following list of active ingredients:

• L-Carnitine
• Citrus Aurantium
• Caffeine
• Cayenne / Capsicum

We also asked the manufacturer as to whether the Phen375 formula was uniform around the world. We were then informed that the Phen375 formula has been ‘streamlined’ so there is less confusion for customers in different countries. All customers now get the same, except the US has which has an additional ingredient – Coleus Forskolii Root.

So it’s not quite the same as the USA, formula but it works pretty much the same.

While we work to make sure that product information  is correct, sometimes companies may modify their ingredient lists.

The perhaps confusingly named Phen375, short for Phentemine375, was produced following research into Phentermine. It DOES NOT contain the prescription drug Phentermine, and never has. In fact, the pill contains no prescription drugs, hence no nasty side effects and no concerns for purchasing today.

So how does Phen375 work?

The effectiveness of Phen375 could be put down to the fact that it tackles losing weight from all angles; without any known side effects, it not only burns fat but also reduces appetite so there is less fat going into your body. Furthermore it works naturally to improve stamina and energy levels, making exercising a much easier task.

Finally, it also increases the rate of your metabolism, meaning your body processes food quicker, before all fat can be absorbed into the body…… What is more, when you buy Phen375 uk you are supplied with a diet and exercise plan to follow, helping you find a healthy and sustainable method of reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

  Is Phen375 right for you?

If you want to know how to lose weight in 2 weeks then this product is not for you, unless you also exercise, it will be at least a month before you see real results.

overweight uk manThe 2013 annual statistical report carried out for the NHS on obesity in England tells us that ‘the proportion of adults that were overweight (including obese) increased from 58% to 65% in men and from 49% to 58% in women between 1993 and 2011.

If you would like buy phen375 UK residents should click this link to go straight to the official website.

With such a large proportion of the population now falling into the medically over weight category, many people are likely to find Phen375 an appealing option. Particularly when considered against medical alternatives such as liposuction or surgery, which can pose significantly more health risks.

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Phen 375 has the potential to not only make a physical change to your appearance but also a psychological change in terms of confidence.

Please note: the information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.

Where can I buy Phen375?

After such success in the US, Phen375 is finally available in the UK, where the positive reaction is expected to be replicated. With sales figures rising everyday, this is looking very likely.
When purchasing the product, it is strongly advised that you visit the official website, so as to avoid accidentally buying an inferior product and to ensure you have confidence in purchasing Phen375 in the UK.

==>Official Website for the UK<==

UK Weight Loss News

Scientists at Newcastle University (Tyne and Wear) have recently discovered after tests, that they could add the seaweed extract ‘alginate’ to food, helping to stop the rise in obesity in the UK. The tasteless powder stops fat being broken down and absorbed by the body, and could be an alternative to diet pills.

They are in talks with some of the major food companies to make alginate-supplemented products, to help with weight loss, and could be in the supermarkets as early as 2015.

Tests showed it stopped up to 75 per cent of the fat being digested into small enough pieces to be absorbed by the body.