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Diet Failure How to Recover

The fact is that a good number of people allow the disappointment of not succeeding at dieting, become a reflection of who they are. But this is not necessarily how you should be thinking so don’t despair you are able to recover from this thought processes whenever your diet plan does not work out for… Read More »

Weight loss Myths Exposed

Myth One The main myth people today fall victim to is, when on a diet, they are able to slim down in a short period of time. Many people only want to shed extra pounds quickly, simply because they have a dress or suit that they need to squeeze into for that special event that… Read More »

Losing Weight From One Part Of The Body

 Spot Exercising In One area of your body? If you want to lose weight from certain parts of your body, like your abdomen or your thighs for instance then it’s not going to be as simple as you may think.   Consider The Whole Body Your own body is a whole, with each part functioning… Read More »

Choosing a Weight Loss Buddy

Choosing a Weight Loss Buddy   It is very difficult to lose weight for some people and the road to it can be a bumpy one. Sometimes it becomes a cause of disappointment for many people because they are not getting the desired results after making all possible efforts to lose weight.   Share The… Read More »

How to Lose 30LBS

How to Lose 30LBS For most people, losing 30lbs is going to make a huge difference to their health and the way in which they perceive themselves. As a result, this amount of weight is the goal of most people who are trying to shed some pounds. Most guides that you find online are based… Read More »

Weight Loss Over 50: Some Simple Tips

Weight Loss Over 50: Some Simple Tips More people who are over 50 are slowly learning to take care of their body’s. They are finally spending more time on themselves—how they look, their fitness, etc. Image courtesy of stockimages/   While many see this as sheer narcissism, most know that it is a very… Read More »

Having trouble losing weight?

You are probably reading this because like the vast majority of people in this country you are having trouble losing weight; The most common reasons for this are listed below.   If you know why you are struggling to lose weight, you will then be able to see what the solutions are. There are 6… Read More »

How to lose weight in 2 weeks

How to lose weight in 2 weeks Hi, thanks for checking out this weight loss guide, I am sure you are going to find this article both informative and helpful. If you need to lose weight in a short period of time without doing anything expensive or dangerous, then keep reading, as I will show… Read More »

weight loss tips

Some weight loss tips that might surprise you.   If you’re struggling to rid yourself of body fat then I have got four great tips that are going to help. If one of the problems you face when dieting, is that you feel hungry most of the time, then try this. Before you sit down… Read More »