Weight Loss: How to Stay Motivated


weight loss motivation

Weight loss: how to stay motivated

In this article, I would like to address one of the most common reasons why we can’t stick to our diets.

Even though it is very common to lose focus, we don’t actually realise how important it is to get motivated.

Here are two very surprising motivational tips that will that will hopefully put you back on track, and get you to focus on your diet plan…

Motivation that relates to diet and exercise

If you’re like the majority of dieters, you probably think you can get motivation from external sources such as viewing motivational videos, reading quotes, reading motivational stories, seeing before and after photos, etc. These can be useful to get you started and motivated at the beginning of your weight loss journey.

Once you get motivated from these sources this will be your jump starter, this enables you to get started with your diet and exercise plan. After you have made a start with your plan it’s very important from this point that the motivation you receive, should be from internal motivation. You may like to read the phen375 reviews if you need help with your dieting.

Internal motivation is where you are solely responsible for your own motivation and to maintain the will power and self-discipline which you need to stay the course. In order to do this, you will need these two very surprising motivational tips that I was telling you about.

Even if you fail it’s actually not that bad – it could be argued that failing with your diet or exercise regime (or both) while trying to transform your body indicates one or two things:

1)  Either your body does not want to respond to what is happening to it.

2)  Or whatever you are doing to your body doesn’t work.weight loss motivation


And it’s actually good to find both of these things out.

This is because you have found out that what you are doing to your body isn’t actually working, an perhaps you will respond better to another kind of diet or exercise plan.

Your body is telling you something, so stop and reassess the situation, and readjust! You may think that your body is responding slowly to your plan, but actually what it means is that what you are doing doesn’t work.

If this is what you are experiencing then I suggest you just do things that are 100% natural, as more often than not, natural methods work for anyone.

Natural dieting is a program that is based around choosing natural food and trying natural techniques, this means raising your metabolism by eating in different ways.

When it comes to fitness, don’t do too much cardio – try to make sure you are building lean muscle and build up your levels of exercise each week to prevent reaching a plateau.

Don’t ever look at failure as a reason to stop your diet and exercise plan, because this is a good way to see what works and what doesn’t. So if you do fail to get back on track immediately, try not to worry, and perhaps check out the phen375 reviews and see what you think.

This is how to do it – set yourself three goals, normally people only set one goal and that is, how much weight they want to lose, by a set time, or they aim to have a flat stomach in two months time for instance/. This can be OK for some, but setting a goal like that makes it nearly impossible to help you to stay focused and motivated.

So there needs to be three different goals for you to set:

1. The main goal should be what you want to achieve by the end of the program (which is the same as the example above).weight loss motivation

2. A goal to keep you motivated. This is important it will help to keep you committed to the program.

This type of goal is what you would like to achieve, after all the work that you have done.

This would be, being able to get back in to a pair of jeans, that are too small for you at the moment, looking good for a wedding that’s coming up, or wearing your bikini on holiday, for example.

3. Goals that you can set each day. These are mini goals and should be easy to achieve, some examples are: ‘today I’m only going to drink water, and no fizzy drinks’, or ‘today I will exercise just a little bit more than yesterday’… you get the idea.