weight loss tips

By | March 12, 2013

Some weight loss tips that might surprise you.


If you’re struggling to rid yourself of body fat then I have got four great tips that are going to help.

If one of the problems you face when dieting, is that you feel hungry most of the time, then try this.

Before you sit down to a meal, drink a glass of water, and eat some high quality protein,

Two things are accomplished by drinking water and eating protein before your meal.

1.      During and after your meal you will simply feel fuller.

2.      The fat in your body will burn off faster, because of the fat burning power of protein.

So I suggest, that before you sit down to eat you have a healthy protein shake, and about six ounces of water, this will have a combination effect of, having more energy, helping digestion, you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction, it will increase your metabolism, and more.

If you don’t like protein shakes, then you can get the same results by eating a handful of almonds.

(If you can’t get on with any of these tips you could have a look at these phen375 reviews, these are diet pills that help to burn fat and curb hunger,)

The next thing I am going to tell you about is apple cider vinegar this is a liquid supplement and is good for a ton of issues, and it’s cheap.

There is a downside to this however and that is it tastes awful, to get round this you can mix it with water.

Before you sit down to a meal, drink a glass of water

Before you sit down to a meal, drink a glass of water

Just mix three tablespoons in a glass of water and drink it before you have a meal it will help you feel fuller!

You can buy ACV in health stores, be sure to get the Organic kind.

Another substance that is worth mentioning is Salba.

Salba is a seed that is pretty much tasteless so you can include it with your salads, pasta, soups, and a host of other foods.

This seed apparently helps to stop you feeling hungry, gives you more energy, and it is supposed to increase metabolism,

A jar of Salba can last a long time, so is very affordable.

Shock your metabolism.

Your metabolism slows down when you sleep so when you wake you need to shock it back into action.

1. To do this, drink a large glass of water, (16 ounces is recommended), this is beneficial because your digestive system is working during the night and it has used a lot of water in your body to process foods. This is why you may feel thirsty when you awake.

Drinking water in the morning is also good to stop water retention, and to help to raise your metabolism.

2. Also to wake your body up do a little bit of exercise, this is very quick and effective, do something like  jumping jacks, or jog on the spot for 30 seconds, but before you do any physical exercise you should check with your doctor, so that you don’t overdo it. It may be worth checking out the phen375 reviews if you struggle with these tips.

Please keep in mind all products mentioned in this article are for information only I am not a trained medical professional, so like anything to do with your health, you really must consult a doctor first.

Include these strategies into your weight loss program and you will see a difference, after starting your plan be sure that you are comfortable with the program, so that you can stay focused and motivated.